No Fido, That’s Not Dinner

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Sep 292011

Pets eat the darndest things. No really, they do!


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Aug 082008

I just discovered that my mother is on FaceBook. (She’s a friend of my recently befriended sister Meredith.) Granted, she’s been a computer person for decades, and she even has her own blog. Still, I have to think that this is some kind of sign of the coming apocalypse. It’s just too strange.

Very Odd Spam

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Jul 192008

Sometimes, very strange mail makes it through my spam filter. (I use the server-side program SpamAssassin to simply reject obvious spam, then I filter the rest via my mail program based on SpamAssassin’s score. That works fabulously well.) Here’s a recent head-scratcher that made it into my inbox:

Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 19:42:41 -0400
From: “I will be a total Sheriff”
Subject: Clarification. Herbert West III, Candidate for Sheriff.
To: [email protected]

..I have shown and will continue to show, that I will remove and expose any and all corruption and problamatics. I refuse to give anyone, to include those who feel their stature as a cop places them above the law, any different special consideration. I will be a total Sheriff, not a paid puppet who protects corruption….

[mysterious link which I won't reproduce]

Um, okay, dude. Best of luck with that.

Defending Stalin?!?

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Jun 202008

While googling for a text relevant to my dissertation, I ran across “The Stalin Society.” It describes itself in large text, next to a picture of Stalin, as follows:

The Stalin Society was formed in 1991 to defend Stalin and his work on the basis of fact and to refute capitalist, revisionist, opportunist and Trotskyist propaganda directed against him.”

Um, wow. (Always those damn Trotskyites!)

Which Gang for Baby?

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Apr 142008

Here’s another bit of stranger-than-fiction news story: Dad arrested after dispute over which gang right for baby.

When Mom wears one set of gang colors and Dad wears another, conflict over how to raise the baby can cause irreconcilable differences. At least that’s what happened for one Commerce City couple.

Commerce City police were called to a disturbance Saturday at a Hollywood Video on East 64th Street, where a man reportedly was harassing his ex-girlfriend, who was working there. The man knocked over a computer and a magazine stand and yelled obscenities at her, witnesses said. He left the store before police arrived.

When officers questioned the woman, they learned that the two had been together for four years and were the parents of a child. When police asked the woman why the two had separated, she said they have “different ideas about how the baby should be raised,” according to a police report. When officer Daniel Swift asked the woman what she meant by that, she said that the two belong to different street gangs. “They could not agree on which gang the baby would claim,” Swift said.

Joseph Manzanares, 19, was arrested later at his home. He was taken to the Commerce City Police Department for processing and then transferred to the Adams County Jail, police said. Manzanares pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, and a harassment charge against him was dismissed. He owes Adams County Courts $810 in court, processing and probation-supervision fees. Manzanares wasn’t available for comment.

Um, shouldn’t this incident be grounds to remove the child from the custody of these obviously unfit parents? (Via Ari Armstrong.)

More to the Story

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Apr 132008

Last week, the Chicago Tribune published the following story: Man found chained in basement of burning Crystal Lake house

Crystal Lake firefighters rescued a man from the basement of a burning house Tuesday morning, locked to a post with a chain around his neck, officials said. The 55-year-old man later told police he was chained voluntarily and not the victim of a crime, fire officials said in a statement.

Police and fire officials responded to the 1300 block of Dolo Rosa Vista about 7:50 a.m. and found three people outside the building who said there was a man in the basement, according to the release. Rescuers cut the chain, and the man was treated for smoke inhalation at a hospital and released.

Gee, don’t you think that there might be more to that story?!? Where’s Jerry Springer when you need him? Or sheesh, shouldn’t the man have been a prime candidate for psychiatric care? The questions are endless… (Via John Enright’s Rhyme of the Day.)

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