Dog Steals the Show…. Er, the Soccer Game

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Nov 142013

Dog interrupts soccer game, steals frisbee, interrupts soccer again… No one can catch him:

A dog got loose on the field during the second half of a women’s college soccer game recently, and nobody could catch it. It did leave the field once, but that was only to go steal some nearby people’s frisbee and then come back to continue happily interrupting soccer.

First, just one lady chases after it, presumably its owner. But by the end of the video, half the crowd is trying to get this pup under control. And, of course, throughout the whole thing, this wily, frolicking dog is having the time of its life…


In a recent lesson, my trainer Martha’s dog — also a white lab — suddenly ran into the ring and began running around like crazy, just like this dog. Martha and I just watched her, in wonder and laughter. The crowning moment was when the dog suddenly leaped off all four legs — exactly like a bounding deer. We’d never seen anything like it, and I’m pretty sure the dog was surprised too!

Cat Helps Dog Escape Kitchen

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Oct 212013


Cat: I’m working on it, don’t rush me!

Conrad Loving on Merlin

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Sep 282013

Our dog Conrad would have killed and eaten our cats when we adopted him at a year old. It took me a year of daily training to be able to leave him loose in the house with the cats. Now, about four years later, he’s routinely loving on and attempting to dominate kitty Merlin… and Merlin loves it! I don’t worry about Conrad hurting Merlin. He’s always been gentle. Plus, Merlin has sharp claws and very speedy reaction times!

See for yourself:

Oh, how I love the sappy music! :-)

Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend

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May 282013

So perfect: “If your friends acted like your pets, you might not keep them around.”

And… here’s version two!

Baby’s First Steps Versus Naughty Dog

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Feb 072013

This video is undoubtedly the best of “precious moment ruined by dog” videos ever.

When I got to the last bit, I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t breathe… or tell Paul what the heck was so funny.

A Dog and His Big Stick

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Jan 302013

Oh, poor doggie:

Our own doggie Mae is very attached to toys, and last week, she secretly brought home a tennis ball from the dog park. I’ve required it to be an outside-only toy, so that she doesn’t compulsively chew it, as she would in the house. Hence, we’ve had multiple “conversations” of like the following:

Me: “Mae, drop. That’s an outside toy.” Mae: “NO! YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY EXPECT ME TO LEAVE MY BEST FRIEND OUT IN THE COLD!” Me: “No Mae, drop.” Mae: “PLEASE! PRETTY PLEASE! PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE!” Me: “No Mae, drop.” Mae: “HAVE MERCY, WOMAN! I NEED MY BALL! IT’S MY BEST FRIEND!” Me: “No Mae. It’ll be here when you go outside again.” Mae: “Fine, but (*sniffle*) I don’t know how I’ll bear it.”

Her joy upon reuniting with that tennis ball is extreme!

Planking Jumps the Shark

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Dec 112012

You know that planking has jumped the shark …

… when cats are doing it on top of dogs.

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