True Action Heroes

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Oct 262010

I can’t possibly describe this… you simply must see it.

Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

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Apr 122010

I can hardly wait for The Movie Title!

Karate Kid 2010 Trailer

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Jan 082010

Here’s the trailer for the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid:

I always liked the original version, so it will be interesting to see how the new Jackie Chan/Jaden Smith version compares.

“Wax on!”

Atlas Shrugged Movie Update

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Jul 242009

Here’s another report and then another report on the attempts to produce a film version of Atlas Shrugged. Basically, Charlize Theron was reported as interested for a few days, but now she’s reported as not interested.

The good news is that the “option with the Rand estate expires if principal photography does not begin in 2010.” Given the involvement of the producers with David Kelley’s thoroughly dishonest and incompetent group, currently known as The Atlas Society, I very much hope that option expires.

Stop Motion Wedding Invitation

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Jun 092009

Too clever!

(Via Jason Crawford)

Harry Potter Trailer

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Apr 282009

The latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince promises to be excellent. The books’ themes have become darker and more adult as the series progresses.

The trailer also reflects this progression:


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Mar 192009

Oh, I’m definitely looking forward to this movie:

Serenity Bar Fight Scene

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Mar 042009

Because many NoodleFood readers are fans of Firefly and Serenity, I thought they would enjoy these video clips of the stunt rehearsal for the Serenity bar fight scene as well as the final film version.

(Personally, I think the stunt rehearsal was cooler.)

Stunt rehearsal:

Final film version:

A Big Nod to Fat Head!

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Feb 142009

Fat Head (movie website) is a brand new documentary by Tom Naughton that started out as a hilarious and informative sendup of the Super Size Me documentary from a few years back. The resulting film is that, plus a lot more — it’s also a hilarious and informative sendup of the nutritional industry’s disastrous turn of the last several decades!

Now, I’m the sort of guy who will cheerfully devour books like Gary Taubes’ meticulous and astonishing Good Calories, Bad Calories, but that is simply too much of a long, technical grind for most folks (he was really addressing doctors and professionals in the nutrition industry). I can’t give that to my parents, for example. In contrast, this movie is a wonderful resource I can pass on to introduce others to what I’ve learned from people like Taubes.

Naughton features many of the big names we’ve come to recognize in this area, like the Drs. Eades, and Fallon and Enig from the Weston A. Price Foundation. And he consulted with people like Taubes — so even when he needs to simplify something, the result is nonetheless strong. Naughton cleverly, effectively, and humorously addresses topics such as:

  • The many distortions and errors of Supersize Me.
  • The “lipid hypothesis”, where it came from, why it’s complete crap, and what damage it’s done.
  • Metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and the mechanisms of energy storage and use in our bodies — what the science actually says about how people get fat.
  • Inflammation and heart disease, and how they really relate to cholesterol.
  • How activists and special interests and their coercive efforts via government intervention are responsible for so much dietary mischief that’s hurting us.

And the look on his doctor’s face after seeing the results of a month of thoroughly flouting the standard advice of the nutrition industry was priceless!

While there is of course much more to say than can be packed into a film like this, Fat Head just became the first resource I’ll share with family and friends on this front — highly recommended!

The Legend of the Seeker

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Oct 212008

My friend Bill Perry (officially known as William E. Perry) sent me the following bit of news about “The Legend of the Seeker,” an upcoming miniseries based on Terry Goodkind’s first novel. I’ve not read any of Goodkind’s work, but Bill tells me that he’s an Objectivist.

Terry Goodkind’s first novel Wizard’s First Rule is the basis for the mini-series “The Legend of the Seeker.” The Sam Raimi of Spiderman fame is the executive producer. The series is syndicated so times and stations vary, but it is on WGN, so most cable systems will have it.

The series starts the weekend of November 1, but an introduction with footage from the first episode starts October 18. It is called “The Making of a Legend” and is hosted by Lucy Lawless. Local listings for the introduction and the series are available here.

While Goodkind was not an Objectivist when he wrote the novel he has been closely involved in the production and I’d anticipate that the non-Objectivist portions have been fixed. I have read all of the novels and have followed the publicity about the making of the mini-series and am extremely excited about watching the upcoming series. Even if you haven’t followed the series I’d recommend watching for anyone who likes fantasy shows, or even Objectivists who aren’t really fans of the genre. I wasn’t before I discovered the series.

I’m definitely planning to watch it!

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