Friends and Fans — I have retired from my work as a public intellectual, so Philosophy in Action is on indefinite hiatus. Please check out the voluminous archive of free podcasts, as well as the premium audio content still available for sale. My two books — Responsibility & Luck: A Defense of Praise and Blame and Explore Atlas Shrugged — are available for purchase too. Best wishes! — Diana Brickell (Hsieh)

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The full "ReligionCasts" series of podcasts on philosophy of religion is available for purchase for $10. If you contribute to Philosophy in Action's Tip Jar via recurring weekly or monthly contributions (or the equivalent), please email me for free access.

Terms of Sale: You may share the podcast with members of your household, but not beyond that. Do not ever post the podcast or login credentials in any public forum.

Item: Podcasts: Philosophy of Religion ($10)

Free Podcasts

Premium Podcasts

These podcasts are (or will be) available for free to regular contributors to Philosophy in Action's Tip Jar, as well as to people listening to the live show. They can be purchased using the form above for just $10 for the whole set.

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