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Anything Under the Sun

Radio Chat: 29 August 2012

I discussed "Anything Under the Sun" with listeners on 29 August 2012. Listen to or download this episode of Philosophy in Action Radio below.

Questions on any and all topics were welcome!

Tags: Activism, Anthem, Conservatism, Corporations, Elections, Epistemology, Ethics, Existentialism, Foreign Policy, Law, Parenting, Pets, Politics, Responsibility, Skepticism, Sports, Young Adults

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About the Podcast

The topics covered in this episode were:
  • What is the difference between "skeptics" like James Randi who provide a valuable service in debunking supernatural claims and the "skeptics" condemned throughout Ayn Rand's and other Objectivists' writings?
  • What is your advice on coping with existential anxiety?
  • Should doping for greater athletic performance be considered morally or legally wrong? Should the US Anti-Doping Agency exist?
  • Why are the Republicans considered fiscally responsible? Just a little research on the internet and you can see Reagan and Bush 43 both ran up huge deficits.
  • What tips do you have for someone planning to study horrible philosophy, like Marx and Foucault. Will contemporary critics be of use?
  • Talk of politics and rights is prevalent in my household, and we are burdened by the news and active violations of our rights. I feel like I have to choose between either being in the gladiator pit, plagued with anxiety and disgust with society and government or take a much less active role in order to maintain my personal goals, happiness, and sanity. Is it immoral to choose my battles? Because if I battled each one I see every single day, I wouldn't have time to do much more. Where then would be my happiness?
  • Do you find that at the end of "Anthem," Liberty 5-3000 surrendered her sense of independence/personal identity?
  • Is the limited liability enjoyed by corporations justified?
  • Do you think it was wrong for Chris Brown to be awarded a Grammy, given his admitted abuse of Rihanna?
  • Should the U.S. government forbid private businesses from trading with Iran?
  • When should it be ok for a teenage (or pre-teen) girl to get her ears pierced?
  • Is it wrong to give your pet to a shelter if you're moving to a new apartment that doesn't permit pets?

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