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A notable Objectivist intellectual said the following about the election: “Tragically, the election revealed that we are no longer America. … The American sense of life does still exist, but it no longer is the majority attitude. The sense of life that used to be very widespread dwells now in only about half of us.”

That is, to put it gently, a gigantic non sequitur. It assumes that every Obama voter lacks an American sense of life, while every Romney voter has an American sense of life. That’s a ridiculous claim on its face. It also ignores the millions of Americans who didn’t vote for either Romney or Obama for president.

It’s not even plausible as a general claim, true of “most people.” Anyone who has ever lived in a very red state knows just how frighteningly theocratic most Republican residents and politicians are. Heck, even in the very purple Colorado, many GOP candidates are determined to govern based on their notion of biblical principles. That’s a large part of why Democrats won Colorado, yet again.

Are we supposed to consider the people who voted for Romney because they abhor gays, decry abortion as murder, demand that the borders be closed, and want creationism taught in schools as having “an American sense of life”? Because those people exist — and in large numbers too. Are we supposed to condemn the people who rejected that insular nuttiness as un-American? Really?!?

If y’all want to be doomy and gloomy about this election… well, go right ahead. It’s a free country: Obama hasn’t implemented his mind-control devices… yet. (No, really!) But pretty please with bacon on top, how about we keep a firm grip on the facts and make good use of the basic principles of logic?

  • Ash Ryan

    Amen…I couldn’t believe it when I read that. It’s pure ignorant rationalism…as if Romney stood for anything genuinely great about America, either in fact or in the minds of many voters.

    I actually think this election was more about who people DIDN’T want to win and voting for the other guy, which I think is actually a good sign for the American sense of life whoever won…but it also goes to show that sense of life is not enough, which is why we got to this point of having such terrible candidates to begin with.

    But yeah, I found the strong implication (if not the outright statement) that anyone who didn’t vote for Romney has an anti-American sense of life so absurd as to be offensive. And I’m really annoyed that even though I left facebook, and weeks after the election ended, I’m STILL being bothered about Mitt Romney! Get over it, people!

  • Daniel Smukalla

    Great post! You nailed it in last week’s Philosophy in Action when you mentioned that life will continue as normal for most in America. I just listened to Peikoff’s latest podcast and was shocked to hear him say that this election was worse than the American Civil War. Obama or Romney, wouldn’t have been all that different…

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