Nov 012012

Hooray! The voting for the Podcast Awards — opens today. Philosophy in Action has been nominated for the “General” category. (Thank you, thank you, to everyone who submitted us!)

The voting runs from today through the 15th, and you can vote every day. (Voting resets at midnight Eastern Time.)

So pretty please with bacon on top, vote for us, early and often!

I am really excited about the prospect of drawing in a much larger audience via the Podcast Award. I’ve already gotten a good bit of new traffic just from being nominated. Plus, check out the growth in my downloads of late:

That’s just under 20,000 downloads for October, which is a big increase from August and September. But… I’m greedy! I want more! So if you enjoy the show, please vote for us as often as you can between now and November 15th.

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