On the next Philosophy in Action Radio, I'll answer questions on reclaiming lost personality traits, debating Christian versus Objectivist ethics, conning jerks and blowhards, and more. The live broadcast begins at 8 am PT / 9 MT / 10 CT / 11 ET on Sunday, 24 August 2014. If you can't attend live, be sure to listen to the podcast later.



Podcast: Moral Conflicts and the Virtue of Justice · Q&A: Accepting Voluntary Sacrifices · Q&A: Agnosticism · Q&A: Introducing Children to Objectivism · Interview: Robert Garmong on Love and Sex in China · Q&A: Compulsory Vaccination · Q&A: Requiting Evil with Good · Interview: Dr. Doug McGuff on Government Controls in Emergency Medicine · Q&A: The Justice of Defamation Laws · Q&A: Pursuing Justice at Great Personal Cost · Q&A: The Cultural Effects of Superhero Movies · Q&A: Conservative Allies in Politics · Q&A: Flunking a Student · Q&A: Guilt about Refusing Requests · Chat: Responsibility & Luck, Chapter Four · Podcast: Moral Amplifiers

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The Reality of Mental Illness · Reasons to Donate Blood · The Morality of Armed Rebellion · Overstating Character · Maintaining Civility Online · Toleration as a Virtue · Rational Suicide · The Validity of Sustainable Agriculture · Responding to Beggars · Multigenerational Space Travel · Duties to the Government · Free Speech for Corporations · Terminal Cancer and Disability · Child Support from Unwilling Fathers · Career Versus Family · Man the Rational Animal · The Wrong of Utilitarianism · Property Owners Prohibiting Firearms · Personal Art Recommendations · Desires and Determinism · Scolding Other People's Children

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What's right or wrong in Michael Huemer's critique of "The Objectivist Ethics"? · Is charity to strangers virtuous? · Is voting for the welfare statist policies and politicians an initiation of force? · Should scientists value philosophy? · Should medical debt be treated like any other debt in a person's FICA score? · Should judges refuse to hear cases from lawyers behind frivolous suits? · Are sports fans collectivists? · Are manners objective? · Is it immoral or unwise to accept a better job soon after starting a different one? · Should publicly funded abortions be opposed?

About Philosophy in Action

I'm Dr. Diana Hsieh. I'm a philosopher specializing in the application of rational principles to the challenges of real life. I received my Ph.D in philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2009. My book, Responsibility & Luck: A Defense of Praise and Blame, is available for purchase in paperback, as well as for Kindle and Nook. The book defends the justice of moral praise and blame of persons using an Aristotelian theory of moral responsibility, thereby refuting Thomas Nagel's "problem of moral luck."

My radio show, Philosophy in Action Radio, broadcasts live over the internet on Sunday mornings and most Thursday evenings. On Sunday mornings, I answer questions applying rational principles to the challenges of real life in a live hour-long show. Greg Perkins of Objectivist Answers co-hosts the show. On Thursday evenings, I interview an expert guest or chat about a topic of interest.

If you join us for the live broadcasts, you can ask follow-up questions and make comments in the text-based chat. Otherwise, you can listen to the podcast by subscribing to our Podcast RSS Feed. You can also peruse the podcast archive, where episodes and questions are sorted by date and by topic.

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I can be reached via e-mail to diana@philosophyinaction.com.

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